Can You Really Make Money with the Walmart Affiliate Program?

Walmart has an affiliate program but does it pay as well as the Amazon affiliate program?
Earlier this year Amazon revised its commission fees downward, sending thousands of affiliate marketers into the doldrums. Just when everyone needed more money after losing their day jobs, Amazon began paying less.

To be fair to Amazon, word on the street is that they had to discourage online sales because their warehouses couldn't handle the demand. Millions of people were suddenly shopping online because they had to stay home to fight the Covid-19 virus.

Should You Buy Cheap Food Online?

People are worried about buying groceries. Stay safe but eat healthy and save money.
Although I am writing this article as tens of millions of people around the world have lost their jobs, I hope this will be good advice for years to come. A friend of mine asked me if he should start buying cheap food online. This was because he didn't want to visit the grocery store. Wouldn't it be safer to have groceries delivered to the home?

And then he asked if he should buy food from the local grocery store or if he should buy from an online co-op. That's a good question because co-op food can be inexpensive. But the difference between buying food from a co-op and food from a grocery store is that the co-op makes you order and pay for the food up front. You have to wait for it to come in. If you're cupboard is bare that's not a good decision for your family.

Avoid These Mistakes When Learning SEO

Every day new people start learning search engine optimization. They will be misled by fakers. Here are mistakes you should avoid.
SEO, or search engine optimization, is the art of helping a Website get more traffic from a search engine. The field began in the mid-1990s and it has given birth to many sub-industries. All marketing channels are important for anyone serious about making money from the Web. But SEO is the granddaddy of online marketing channels. It's still in a Wild West phase of growth. The industry is flooded with posers and anonymous experts who fill up forums and social media with garbage. The biggest names in the industry are no better. It seems like the more popular someone gets in this field the more they let it go to their head.

The Ugly Truth about Affiliate Marketing

To hear some people say it, affiliate marketing is the way to get rich. The reality is much harsher than that.
Let's talk about the greatest affiliate marketing program ever created: Amazon. But first if you haven't read my article on "economies of scale" you should. Amazon is the perfect, classic, textbook example of how a startup leveraged free labor from hundreds of thousands of people to become the world's most successful online retailer. And Amazon's story has been played out again and again across the Internet. The ugly truth about affiliate marketing is this: you will never make as much money as they do.

Investing In the Age of No-fee Trading Apps

No-fee investing puts the stock market in everyone's reach. But it's easier to make costly mistakes.
If you have not tried Robinhood yet, you should. Their no-fee trading model is very appealing to people with little money to invest. How do they make money? They earn interest on float and upsell other services. The downside to using Robinhood is that the trades are not executed immediately. You probably want to use their stop-loss orders unless you don't care about market price fluctuations.

Economies of Scale are Crushing the Gig Economy Workers

The gig economy is a new type of economic peonage. How will you escape this trap?
There are thousands of Websites and apps where you can join a community of people who contribute to a common goal. We call this "crowd sourcing" in today's parlance. It's why so many small startups are able to make the leap into full production mode in markets that were once dominated by near-monopolies. I have a friend who refuses to contribute to crowd-sourcing projects. After arguing with him about this for a week I asked why he was so adamant against being part of a crowd. He told me an interesting story.